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Death by... bowling pin?!?

submitted by Charles (Chic) Martini

appeared in the Cincinnati Times Star (August 1899)

Last Sunday night several men were engaged in bowling at the resort conducted by Ed Klaywitter, at Muddy Creek, on the Rapid Run road, in Delhi Township. Among them were John F. Remerinck and his brother-in-law John Martini, both farmers. The crowd was drinking freely, and a quarrel ensured between Remerinck and Martini.

They finally came to blows, and Martini who was getting the worst of it, picked up a bowling pin and dealt Remerinck a terrible blow on the head. The later sank to the floor unconscious, and the now sobered witnesses of the fight removed him to his home two or three miles away. Ever effort was made to keep the result of the fight from being know. Remerinck being in a very dangerous condition.

The matter was not reported to the authorities of the township. Finally, Dr. Flinchpaugh was summoned, and he quickly saw that the chances of Remerinck recovering were very slim. He sank into a comatose state, and the most earnest efforts on the part of the physician failed to revive him. Friday night [August 27, 1899] at 10 o'clock he died and Dr. Flinchpaugh notified Acting Coroner Winkler.

Yesterday morning that official went to Muddy Creek and held an inquest. The evidence presented was so convincing that Acting Coroner Winkler exercised the prerogatives of his position as Justice of the Peace and placed Martini under arrest. The young man was badly broken up over the tragic outcome of the fight and offered no resistance. Accompanied by his father, the prisoner came to this city with Winkler, who preferred a charge of manslaughter against him. His bail was set as $2,500.00 by Squire Winkler, and the amount being furnished by the father, the prisoner was released. The case was continued until August 25, when Acting Coroner Winkler will hear it in his official position as Justice of the Peace. The authorities of Delhi Township come in for a large share of criticism for not making an investigation.

Chic's notes:

  • Remerinck was age 31 when he was killed.

  • Left his wife, age 26 and four children: ages 7, 4, 2 1/2, and 10 months.


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